You can be an incredible host with unique party entertainment your guests will never forget

You know the party. The one everyone has where your guests stand around for a few hours, talk, eat a little food and drink, or maybe play the same party games… again.

Maybe you’ve been to that party over and over… or even hosted it yourself. How long do you remember that party afterward? A few days? A few hours?

There’s nothing wrong with that kind of party. It’s just a little… ordinary. And after a few years of going to that party, a little boring.

Imagine if you went to a party so unique, so enjoyable, that after leaving it you talked about it for months, even years afterward.

A party that brought you and your friends closer together, forging bonds you didn’t know you could have.

A party where you and each guest chose their own, personalized entertainment they couldn’t get anywhere else. And some of the guests, maybe even you, had a wonderful experience that changed their lives forever…

Now imagine if you were the host of that party. Your other friends might host the same, ordinary party over and over.

But you’re not some ordinary party host – you’re extraordinary, and should have party entertainment to match. 

When you book Reagan the Hypnotist, you can.

Welcome to “The Trance Majestic”

An Evening of Hypnosis and Altered States of Consciousness

In “The Trance Majestic,” you and your guests get to choose your own unforgettable hypnotic journey.

What will you and your guests decide to experience?

Uncontrollable laughter?

Hearing sound through your skin?

You can have vision of walking through a garden of unimaginable beauty and relaxation… or if you wish to indulge themselves, maybe it will be filled with incredible pleasure.

Or perhaps you’ll choose to travel back through time to experience a past life or come in touch with loved ones who have long left this world.

But no matter how real it feels, it’s all in your mind…

Make your upcoming party spellbinding.

Book Reagan the Hypnotist and host “The Trance Majestic” today!

The experience was nothing short of phenomenal. My friends were all blown away with the idea of a hypnosis house party and I cannot wait to have another!” – Sydney M. from Denver, Colorado

The Trance Majestic is great for all kinds of different parties. It’s perfect for:

House party entertainment

Bachelorette party entertainment

Girls’ night in

Halloween party entertainment


And more…

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