Make your next private party spellbinding with in-home hypnosis entertainment

Hypnosis isn’t just for comedy shows. Reagan offers two mysterious private party experiences to make your event unforgettable, whether it’s a housewarming, bachelorette party, Halloween, girls’ night in, or other intimate gathering.

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The experience was nothing short of phenomenal. My friends were all blown away with the idea of a hypnosis house party and I cannot wait to have another!” – Sydney M. from Denver, Colorado

Mystic Odyssey has been called the “choose your own adventure” of hypnotic experiences.

Each guest receives a menu of experiences to plan out their own personalized hypnotic journey.

Mystic Odyssey is a full evening of hypnosis and is appropriate for 5-15 participating guests. 

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In the tradition of the Victorian séance comes an out-of-this-world hypnotic experience. 

Are the spirits you will contact real? Or is it all in your mind? Your guests decide…

Seance of the Mind is a 90 minute experience and the amount of guests is limited by table size. 

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Due to mature themes, all in-home hypnotic experiences are limited to guests 18 years of age and older.

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